Working group of classic homeopathic doctors


Our research interest is based on our expertise in the field of Homeopathy – both nationally and internationally. Our research priorities are clinical research, fundamental research and educational research. Apart from quantitative research questions, we equally integrate qualitative considerations and experimentally develop new research methodologies. Our engagement serves the common good. Our research evolves in independence.


As doctors, it’s our utmost goal to heal people. Through our projects, we want to make high-level Homeopathy freely selectable and accessible to all members of the public. To achieve that goal, we engage in the field of research, politics and teaching. Through these projects, we want to contribute scientifically justified decision-making tools for governmental and political actions and forward the academization of Homeopathy.


Our members are characterized by their extensive clinical experience in applying homeopathy. Their knowledge is certainly based on the research findings of Samuel Hahnemann. The members of the Hahnemann Association cultivate and promote a respectful and open-minded scientific discourse. They support each other’s learning and continuing education processes. They regularly update their knowledge of the current state of research. All members are uncompromisingly bound to the “Good Scientific Practice”.


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