For the academization of Homeopathic teaching

We are doctors

Our aim is to heal. We are specialized in Homeopathy. Respect and love towards our patients are the driving forces for our medical operations!

With our qualification

We are doctors. Anamnesis consultation, physical examination, laboratory test, disease diagnosis and therapy considerations form the basis for each encounter with our patients. As due to the analytical technique of finding the proper Homeopathic medication, we need to have a thoughtful and intense doctor-patient conversation to identify the characteristics of a specific case of illness.
The information given to us via anamnesis, physical examination and disease progression is mandatorily included in the case analysis.
The case analysis is divided into hierarchization, repertorization, comparative Materia medica, medical prescription including potency and medical prognosis.

Our Hahnemann Association

The connecting element of the members of our association is the broad clinical experience in the practical application of Homeopathy and our collective desire to exchange our experiences.
Our goal is to preserve Homeopathy based on the research findings of its founder Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the academization of homeopathic teaching and the transfer of this precious teaching to the following colleagues. We cultivate scientific discourse and foster research and science.
As highly specialized in Homeopathy, we are a reliable source for information regarding Homeopathy- please feel free to contact us!

For our patients

A lot of patients wish for a profound Homeopathic treatment. Patients want to be fully informed when deciding for an appropriate therapy in the event of illness. We stand up for that on their behalf!

Our Homeopathy

Homeopathy is divided into five parts:

  1. List of patient’s symptoms
  2. List of medicine’s symptoms, as studied and defined by homeopathic drug testing on healthy people (HAMP)
  3. Match up both lists of symptoms via Similia Similibus Curentur
  4. Prescription of a medication, that matches best the symptoms of the case of illness
  5. Facultative high potency prescriptions

Homeopathy is an additional treatment option, if lying within the hands of well-trained and experienced doctors. It leads to considerably smaller drug consumption. Over 70% of chronical diseases are lastingly improved by over 50 %. Also, in “incurable” cases, homeopathy is a therapy option that can initiate the healing process again.

Our Goal

We operate according to our patients when setting the right course for implementing Homeopathy in our healthcare system.

We wish to make high-level Homeopathy freely selectable and accessible for ALL.

Ulrike Fröhlich
Dr Elisabeth Häcker–Strobusch
Hans Baitinger
Board Hahnemann Association