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The International Office Hahnemann Association is in charge of all administrative and financial issues concerning your stay. Contact:

Self-paying private patients:

Initially, all medical documents and reports will be examined by our experts.

Then you will receive a preliminary calculation (estimate of costs). The actual costs can differ since the first appraisal of your treatment based on the reports we received can only be approximate. Treatment is never entirely predictable. 

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after completing your treatment in Germany, we will determine the actual costs.

In case that the final invoice is lower than the preliminary calculation, the difference will be returned. In case of unexpected complications during the treatment, the final invoice might require an additional payment.

Patients from EU members (mandatory medical insurance):

If you are entering Germany specifically to receive medical treatment, you must obtain approval from your home country health insurance.
You will receive the official form “S2” (previously form “E112”) from your health insurance provider. With this form “S2” you can prove your claim for the scheduled medical treatment in Germany.
With the filled out form “S2”, you will then have to register at one of the 150 german legal health insurances. Your treatment in Germany will then follow the same conditions for care and payment as it does for its citizens.
Further information in English is to be found here:


Patients working at an embassy:

Patients whose treatment is covered by the embassy of their country do not need to provide an advance payment. However, the requirement for that is a cost coverage guarantee written by your home embassy. That has to be sent to the International Office Hahnemann Association in advance to the beginning of the treatment procedure.

Charitable organizations:

The International Office Hahnemann Association provides an enormous number of specialized services that are not to be found in other countries. It is our goal to offer the best possible therapies for patients all over the world.
We assist international humanitarian organizations and donation facilities by doing everything in our power to make cost-effective treatment possible. We do not provide free-services.
Please do not hesitate to contact the International Office Hahnemann Association. Together we will find a solution for your concern.