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Requests for treatment

Please submit your request for treatment through our contact form, e-mail or by post.


To draw up your treatment recommendations or an estimate of costs, we need copies of the following medical findings and your self-written medical history (anamnesis) in German, English or Russian.

Medical findings:

  • The latest doctor’s letter is mandatory (issue date less than three months ago)
  • Diagnostic imaging (MRI/CT/PET…) – by post or data transfer
  • Latest laboratory results
  • Surgical reports, if performed
  • In cancer diseases: Histological reports, information on all previous therapies and relevant protocols.

Self-written medical history:

  • What is your reason for consulting us?
  • Current complaints
  • Currently prescribed drugs and their dosages
  • Course and background of your current disease
  • Hereditary burden


Please specify your desired dates. We will try to fulfil your wishes. As soon as the amount shown on the estimate has been received, we can confirm your appointment.