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A precise and accurate mutual understanding between patients and healthcare professionals is essential for therapy success.

Please inform us if you don’t speak German or English fluently. This information is crucial. Understanding each other is the basis for helping you in the best possible way. If necessary, we will organize and provide interpretation service in advance of the beginning of your treatment or your consultation via video-call.

Video consultations:

We also offer video consultations with our Homeopathic physicians. If you wish to receive an online consultation or a complete medical history (anamnesis) with case analysis, please contact us by e-mail at

The costs for this service depends on the time and energy involved. They include organization, medical-scientific work and – if needed – interpretation service.

We will prepare a suitable offer for you and try to accommodate your wishes.

Second medical opinion: 

You already have a treatment plan or an estimate of costs by any physician, but you are unsure about it or have any doubts? Especially in severe, exceptional or chronic diseases, medical decisions can have long term effects.

You may contact us about this by e-mail at

We will try to answer your request as soon as possible.

Accommodation | transfer | personal assistant:

We will be pleased to organize your transfer and accommodation according to your wishes. If you want to use other non-medical services besides your treatment, we are glad to provide you with a personal assistant. This service is of charge.

Patients – Agencies: 

There are no payments for mediation and third-party support (intermediation commission) on the part of the International Office Hahnemann Association. Any promotion to connect patients with the International Office Hahnemann Association is generally permitted. Therefore, any contents concerning the range of services and any contents found on the website of the International Office Hahnemann Association may be used. For any other form of promotion referring to the International Office Hahnemann Association, you need an explicit and written approval by the Hahnemann Association.

Donations/donation account:

Especially humanitarian organizations that want to cover the treatment costs for foreign patients need an external donation account for fundraising and their appeal for funds.

We will be pleased to help you with that. To transfer donations directly to the bank account of the Hahnemann Association International Office you first have to contact the International Office Hahnemann Association for review and confirmation. Please note, that the International Office Hahnemann Association only interacts directly with humanitarian organizations.