Operating procedure

After receiving your request, you will get a treatment proposal elaborated by our experts of the Hahnemann Association, an estimate of costs regarding that plan and a schedule for the realization of the diagnostical and therapeutic procedures. If you agree with these proposals and decide to undertake the treatment, the further operating procedure will be as follows:


The International Office Hahnemann Association takes charge of the appointment coordination with attending physicians and, if necessary, with a specialized hospital/rehabilitation centre/sanatorium.


If you need a medical visa for Germany, we are glad to help you by sending you an invitation. Therefore we need a copy of your passport and, where applicable, of your accompanying person. Since the invitation must confirm that the treatment costs are covered, this can only be issued after receipt of the advance payment. Our invitations usually allow you an uncomplicated visa-procedure.

Advance payment:

Before the start of your medical treatment, the full sum of money as specified in your estimate of costs must be put as a deposit at the specified bank account of the Hahnemann Association.

Travel health insurance:

It is required by law, that persons and their accompanying relatives travelling to Germany to receive medical treatment must hold a valid travel health insurance. This insurance must be taken out in your home country, for example, at your travel agency.

Travel preparation:

You should take with you all the medical records, including radiographs, MRIs, CTs or tissue samples. Patients taking medicine regularly at home must bring a sufficient amount for the duration of their stay.

Notifiable cash or similar payment methods:

If you are travelling with 10 000 EUR or more, don’t forget to declare it.